Power to the People - Can Citizens lead Europe's future energy strategy? - EU Sustainable Energy Week

Cooperatives Europe
rue de la Loi 170
Room Sicco Mansholt – Charlemagne Building
Brussels 1049

As people increasingly question whether our traditional model of centralised energy supply is still the best solution for Europe, we host a debate to explore just how different the future may look. Bringing together two diverse panels of experts and key actors in the renewable energy field, we will explore whether an emerging decentralised energy supply has a role to play in creating a more sustainable energy policy for Europe. In this joint event, three European co-operative organisations (Cooperatives Europe, Euro Coop and Cecodhas Housing Europe) will present the case that by placing people at the heart of our thinking, we can encourage collaboration, responsibility and action. Where community projects, local co-operatives and resource sharing increasingly co-exist alongside our national infrastructures, we will debate whether citizens have the potential to lead Europe’s future energy strategy. Expect lively discussions from our panel – reflecting the views of policy makers, energy experts, co-operatives, NGOs and environmentalists. And come prepared with questions of your own as our moderators capture audience comments and questions for the panel.
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