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ICAO General Assembly

The International Cooperative Agricultural Organisation (ICAO), a sectoral organisation of ICA, held its General Assembly on 30 Nov

<span class="administrative-area">Seoul</span> , South Korea

CICOPA General Assembly

This year’s CICOPA General Assembly took place on 29 November both in person in Seoul, and online.

<span class="administrative-area">Seoul</span> , South Korea

Global Round Table of Governmental Authorities for the Promotion of Cooperatives

On 4 December 2021, The International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) in collaboration with the Korean Public Authorities organised a Global Round Table to provide a unique global platform for discussio

<span class="administrative-area">Seoul</span> , South Korea

ICA General Assembly 2022

The 2022 ICA General Assembly was organised on 20 June 2022 in Seville, Spain, and hosted by the Spanish Confederation of Worker Cooperatives (COCETA, as the acronym in Spanish).   

<span class="administrative-area">Sevilla</span> , Spain

ICA General Assembly June 2021

The next General Assembly of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) will be held semi-virtually on 29 June 2021 from 13:00 to 15:00 GMT +2 (Belgian time).

14th ICA-Asia Pacific Regional Assembly

On February 24 2021, ICA’s regional entity in Asia and Pacific (ICA-AP) held its 14th Regional Assembly represented by all members.

ICMIF series 'The mutual advantage' Episode 5 about MAIF

In this series of bi-monthly webinars, ICMIF members from around the world present how they leverage their mutual/cooperative difference in order to gain competitive advantage in their market.

ICA General Assembly 2020

It is with great pleasure that we invite ICA members to participate in the General Assembly of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) to be held virtually on 3 September 2020

Global Youth Forum Cooperative Entrepreneurship 2020 - GYF20

The GYF20 is a #coops4dev?

<span class="administrative-area">Sarawak</span> , Malaysia

Cooperatives: Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment

<span class="administrative-area">NY</span> , United States
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